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What tools can help me become a better front-end web developer?
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The annual web developer salary for front-end development can go from INR 1,99,000 to 10,00,000. It depends on how experienced you are.

Nothing is better than gaining experience than learning about new things. For web developers, understanding the various front-end frameworks can help.

You may consider learning about the following frameworks:

  • Backbone.js

Backbone.js is an open-source tool that helps in structuring web applications. Its reliable features are the following:

a) it is lightweight,

b) more than a hundred extensions are available,

c) auto-update in HTML when a model changes, and more.

Being skilled at backbone.js can help you earn an annual average web developer salary of INR 9,50,000. Also, Payscale shows a 92% hike in salaries for web developers using the framework.

  • Express (Node.js)

An open-source framework, Express.js is a robust web development framework that assists developers. It provides the following benefits:

a) It has minimal requirements

b) It is flexible

c) It helps to create useful APIs, etc.

Statistics show that people skilled at Express.js enjoyed a 21% hike in web developer salary. The annual average web developer salary for those developers is INR 6,00,000.

  • Flutter

Flutter helps developers create web applications for PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Web developers love it for the following features:

a) It is open-source

b) It is fast

c) It helps in automated testing, etc.

Flutter has helped developers with a 21% increase in their web developer salaries. On average, the annual web developer salary for competent developers using Flutter is INR 5,80,000.

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