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Located in the heart of Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili is a central fermentory who buys from over 3,400 smallholder farmers in this region and pay 24% above average prices for their wet cacao beans. This sets the highest price for cacao... (More)
HAY! Jumbo Straws are perfect for thicker drinks like smoothies and malts. Unlike paper straws, these HAY! Straws do not go soggy and stand the test of time. They are all natural, made from plant stems and are certified by... (More)
Inspired by nature, comfort and kindness, 337 Brand introduces effortless-style clothing made from earth friendly materials. Here is their textured Davis Crop Top, with the perfect loose fit and bateau neck. Great for wearing on or off-the-shoulder and features "Spread... (More)
On the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Bukonzo Organic Coop—comprised of 1,200 farmers—is among the first in its region to earn Fair Trade and Organic certifications. Moka Origins is honored to share this unique Ugandan coffee, and we at... (More)